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Cat Faces [Tutorial] by TigerMoonCat Cat Faces [Tutorial] :icontigermooncat:TigerMoonCat 3,610 83 hamburgler by kitkatbun hamburgler :iconkitkatbun:kitkatbun 4 0




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Yikes The art is huge, and, honestly, I don't really know what it's supposed to be. The end of the hair looks like Ice cream, the lines...

Not trying to be rude or anything, But it is pretty bad. I see the circle tool, and, you do not specify what those things are. The colo...

Got this from PaperWiings, go check out their profile!
dA Username: TreeSmoothie
Name: Marie
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Marie, Tree, Kabir
Gender and Pronouns: Female, They/their, but I don't really get mad if you use the wrong pronoun. 
Age: 15, turning 16 next year <3
Country: AMERICA- 
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


Number of Past Accounts: 2
Number of Past Usernames: 2
First Username: Idek
Original Join Date: Around September of 2015?
Premium Member?: No
Watchers: 9
Deviations: 36
Favorites: 2


Favorite Digital Art Program: Firealpaca FireAlpaca Icon 
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Ehh, I don't really like "Traditional Art"
Favorite dA Artists: SolarSands, Blimexi, Konichiwa-dante
Favorite Movies: Moana, I guess? I never really watch movies
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: P!aTD
Fandoms You're Stuck In:  She Wants The B Villainous <3


Sexual Orientation: gA- 
Religious Affiliation?: Eh
Pets: I don't have any right now unless I count the cats in the forest next to me
Number of Family Members in Household: 1 
Scars?: None
Tattoos?: none
Piercings?: Ear
Alcohol?: I'm 15-
Drugs?: Nope
Height: 5'11
Weight: Yeah, I hate admitting this but, 185 pounds. (I almost wrote 815 pfft)


Digital or Traditional?: Digital
Beach or Mountains?: Mountains
Dolphins or Sharks? : Sharks
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: 100 third graders?
On sunny days, you: Stay at home
On rainy days, you: Stay at home
On hot days, you: Stay at home
On cold days, you: Sit on the porch and rethink my life and how I got up to this moment 


1. I am a huge piece of salt
2. I'm secretly obsessed with Lego Ninjago-
3. I'm a bit too fearful
4. Even though I'm a girl, I always roleplay as a boy
5. I have depression Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon 
6. I'm a jerk
7. #Logang
8. I LARP (Live Action Roleplay) with my cousins once and a while-
9. I hate jokes
10. i'M a fUrRy


How many OCs do you have?: Around 25? 
What fandom do most of them belong to?: Most of them are either in the Warriors fandom or the Furry fandom. I wouldn't dare ruin Villainous with my horrible OCS
Which one is your favorite?: Warriors
Which one do you draw the most?: Warriors
Do you commission work of them?: Nope, I'm broke
Do you request work of them?:  Nah, again. i'M brOkE
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: hAh yes 
Do you roleplay with them?: With the Warriors ones, yes.
How do you keep track of them?: I keep track of one
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: I mean their either cats or dogs, or some sort of badger. Furries are already real, and the Villainous characters would be terrifying.


TreeSmoothie's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Salutations! Heres just some things to know about me!
Preferred pronouns:

Favorite Artists:
Domics, Jaiden Animations, Rebbeca Sugar

Favorite Drinks/foods:
Ice Coffee
TGI Fridays
War Heads


:iconkonichiwa-dante: :iconcerealbits: :iconflaminggears: :iconsailoroshy: :iconcobravenom: :iconsilverwind25: :iconsimatra: :iconskylarsketchez: :iconblixemi: :icondaringwords: :iconqueenegg: :icontrunswicked:


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Donation Cause:
To start off, I'm fairly new and I really want some points :')

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Hello! I gave you a llama because you used icon/s that I adapted for dA (firealpaca) in the way meant to be used (thank you!! Aww). You are encouraged to keep using my icons to show which tool, software, company or social web you used in the making of a deviation, in a journal, status post or comment. No credit for me is needed, and also no need to request permission, you have the right to use the icons :) (Smile)

If you use a tool, software or social web (or credit a character or company) I don't have the icon for, please tell me.

  • If you want 16x16 icons, you can search in my gallery by using the media menu and adding ultramini to the name of the software/etc you are searching.
  • There are currently 5 sizes: big (very few ones yet, greater size than 50x50), normal (50x50), mid (35x35, not all has this size), mini (21x21) and ultramini (16x16). There are also animated icons. Animated icons are done only on request.
  • You can also add a minus before the term you want to be excluded from the search "firealpaca by:linux-rules -mid -mini -ultramini" will return only the 50x50 icons).
  • If you want to search by my icons you use "by:linux-rules".
  • In composed icons (i.e. icons that are 1/2+2/2 etc.. there is a blank space when you introduce the icons from the add media menu (Marvel (2012) Icon ultramini 1/2 Marvel (2012) Icon ultramini 2/2 )
    If you remove the spaces, the icons will look better: Marvel (2012) Icon ultramini 1/2Marvel (2012) Icon ultramini 2/2.
      • this tips works with every artist, you can use that to search by other artist icons or works.
    • More info about my icons
    • For suggesting any icon to me, click here: URLs to do icons :) (Smile)
    • Here is the journal for → devices.

    • poserfan has high quality 16x16~ social media icons, check her Social Media Icons deviation if you need social media icons. Please, read the description before requesting there.
    • Icon-s has high quality 50x50 animated social media icons, check its Gallery if you need animated social media icons. If you miss any icon there then you can request me.
    • blueamnesiac has high quality game consoles icons, check this Pixel Art folder if you need icons of consoles.

    • Thanks for using the icons.
    • No, I am not refering to your avatar or profile pic.
    • Yes, I know you just most probably pressed add media Aww
    • I am not asking for credit
    • The message contain some useful tips ;) (Wink)
    • You can contact with me for another things about dA, I know more tips ;) (Wink)
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